Sunday, September 24, 2006

Engine wash do not want!

KNN punya mobil ss14.

Due to the engine oil leaks yesterday, my mech asked me to go for an engine wash to clear off the oil.I headed to Mobil SS14(since it was the nearest place to have engine wash)I ask to the guy to wash only under the manifold where the engine oil leaks are. Little did I know, he went ahead and washed all the compartment.Ok, so I thought he knew what he was doing...wrapping the sensors and my open pod air filter.

Splash with chemical,soap yada yada, fine thats normal, after that he took out the wrappings and sprayed something onto my air filter i was like WTF?

After that he say siap, I asked again,"siap kah". He said yes, my car bonnet and fenders left with residues of soap(i think) and the engine bay isnt dry. HE DIDNT BLOODY WIPE OFF THE RESIDUES. I fired the up car and it started choking >_>.

Reminder to self: If I ever need to wash my engine, I'll do it myself. As for car wash, I'll still patronize the place.

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