Sunday, August 13, 2006

[Review] Soft99 RainHop Car wax

Ever felt fustrated that rain leaves marks on your car? Dont like to rinse your car over and over after your car gets wet under the rain?

"Air pollution produced when acid chemicals are incorporated into rain, snow, fog or mist. The "acid" in acid rain comes from sulfur oxides and nitrogen oxides, products of burning coal and other fuels and from certain industrial processes."

This is where Soft99's RainHop car wax comes in. This wax guarantees that water will hop off your car. This may be especially useful when you dont rinse your car. As their motto goes; " Shiny Shield of anti Acid Rain", surely it will do something. So I set off and bought a can from Eneos 1Utama. It costs rm24.90 and comes with a small sponge inside the cap.

RainHop Wax with 2 microfibre cloth for waxing and buffing.

I started off by following the instructions, where most importantly a car wash is required before applying wax to get rid of grime and dirt. After washing, you need to thoroughly dry the car.

preparing to wash the bonnet.

sploosh! with car shampoo and water, wash off the dirt and grime.

After I wiped the car dry, I proceeded to wax the car. I did half of the bonnet to experiment whether the product will work(videos below). A cloth is required to buff off the wax and leave a nicely coated shine.

Notice the two different tone on the bonnet.

With Soft99 wax on

Without Soft99 wax on

Water doesnt stick with the wax.

Water seem to be staying on without wax.

I have to say, this product really works. As you can see in the video, the water flowed down quickly and did not stick alot to the surface(Other types of wax may do the same, but maybe less effective). Sure it did not jump off, but I guess thats fine(pun :P)It didnt shine much due to my half assed waxing job. I'll do a full waxing for my car later on when its not so hot.

The only place I found this was at Eneos 1Utama, I'm not too sure if they sell this product elsewhere. Kudos to Rico@SPOC for recommending this product.

-Excellent water repelling properties

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