Sunday, August 27, 2006

Pink Colored....

Its a fad nowadays for pink colored stuff. First we have a pink ps2, then a pink psp, a pink nintendo DS Lite and finally a pink colored Ipod. So why not buy a casing that matches the color of your machine? Following the trend, I recently bought a pink colored Ipod Leather casing for a friend's birthday present online. It costed quite abit(not telling you how much xD) . 100% genuine leather as told by the seller(how do you determine whether its real or not?)

Real leather dyed pink. Package includes a leather strap and a clip.

Who in the bloody mind would use a screw to secure the clip on the casing?!?

QC... bad >_>.

Oh well, risks do happen when shopping online, since you cant see what the real product looks like. I guess all is fine other than that small defect. Now, shall we pink-ify everything around us? Shoes, shirts,pants, underwear, hair color? xD

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