Thursday, July 27, 2006

Pro-Hatchers Convoy to Putrajaya

Pro-Hatch recently held a convoy to Putrajaya on the 26/07/2006. The convoy included over 80 satrias(including myself). This was my first club outing since i've joined the Pro-Hatchers. Definitely awesome. Here's a brief log about the event.

I arrived at the first checkpoint at Sunway rest area at about 8.15pm. I went searching for the other members and I bloody overshot the parking area and landed to the exit heading out to the highway. I quickly reversed the car and went straight into the parking.

My car in the middle. The black Satria is turbocharged(monster~)

Red Mivec bodykitted Satria and a white Promote/Cwest bodykitted Satria

More cars at the corner

The crowd. Lotsa people by 8.30pm

Monster Satria, evo3 engine kicked in yo'

The convoy then moved in 10by10 cars. I was in the last group. We all left the checkpoint at about 9pm. We were crusing all the way until we hit the 2nd toll both. Disaster, or rather a blessing in disguise happened. A police cruiser came by and asked why there were so many cars stopping by. The comittee member then showed the officers the permit and we were free to continue our journey.

The police cruiser then turned on the siren and proceeded to escort us. Little did we know, the officer suddenly started speeding, so we had to do the same in order not to be missed out. We went off at the excess of 140kph and arrived at PutraJaya in a short 10minutes. Crazy cops..heheh

Monsters Monsters everywhere i see~

The 2nd and 3rd convoy groups from KL and Sri Hartamas arrived shortly after.

Sub Level(committee member) then introduced me to the senior hatchers(he was complaining that I wasnt mixing around). About 11pm, photo session begun and we started arranging cars by color/model. Hightlight of the day was the Satria Neo(one and only during the convoy). Sorry for the lack of pictures after(got too tired walking about a distance of 40 cars front and back). Event ended at about 12am. The convoy then proceeded to Cyberjaya for a TT at the mamak. Others went back included myself. I followed a friend's car back to USJ and we had a mini TT before proceeding back home.

Oh and more pictures of the convoy will be on Traffic/Hypertune magazine. So wait for that yeah :P

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Heng Kai's 18th Birthday Bash!

Happy 18th Birthday to Heng Kai~

Here's some Post-Event pictures/video:

Chef of the Day : Seta tricking out prawns and bbq'ed chickens. Yumm~

Henry and Heng Kai posing for teh camera.

In you go! Heng Kai's gets his present( That is being dunked into the pool)

Poor dude losing his virginity on Heng Kai's Birthday

Off you go into the pool as well! Lay Hoong thrown into the pool after
being stripped off his electronic items. Have a float ay?

I dont have any group pictures at the moment(they're on someone else's camera). So check back this post later on.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

[Review] Otai Burger

Yes, the hype of Otai Burger. It has spanned throughout the Klang Valley. I had longed to try Otai burger as it was a stone throw away from my house(okay, maybe not stone throw, 100m maybe?). Well, I managed to get one, thanks to Seta . My review for the day is Burger Daging Biasa. That means it the most basic burger you'll get there. Here's some pics before i move on.

Otai Burger packing. notice the OTAI OTAI OTAI OTAI xD

Cant really expect much from a roadside stall can ya?

Inside: Beef Patty with cabbage fillings and loads of their famed 'OTAI' chili sauce

Cost : RM2.20

My first impression was, "hmmm, looks nothing out of the ordinary, but why is it so red?". Seta had told me that they dunked loads of their own bottled chili sauce. Beef patties are usually brown, but I wonder why is this so red. Oh, their patty is also from Ramly. They didnt use seasoning sauce(like Lea Perrins), so thats -1 from Otai and +1 for both Rokok and Zali's. For some reason, this patty had softbones in it( way too many infact), it made eating this burger rather unpleasant. Overall, it felt generic(not like you'd expect anything from a basic burger right?).

I give my first impression a poor 2/5. The lack of seasoning, cutting the patty in half, lack of vegetables and the juicy tender patty is just not there.

No matter, I'll try out the chicken/beef special/double the next time I go there again. At the mean time, you may find Otai Burger just outside Devi's Corner @ ss14/1 just next to the junction.(There's also another Otai stall at ss15, just beside Taylor's College)

Sunday, July 16, 2006

New way to solve problems

Due to the recent fad where Zinedine Zidane headbutted Materazzi, it has become the "in" thing. You know use headbutts to solve problems. Here's a examplry video:

Venting anger, attacking stalkers, piss people off, just about everything you can do to the opposition

Now please, if you see me, please dont headbutt me if I did something wrong. You dont want to see a red card now do you? xD

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Interesting Toy

You know those policemen where they have those speed trap gun? Now, you can own one too! Brought to you by hotwheels. Its supposed to measure how fast your hotwheels can go, but it will work on real cars as well. This gun can read up to 180kph, so it comes close to the real thing. Whether on how accurate it is, Im not very sure. It costs 25AUD, but I'm not sure if Malaysian Toys-r-us has these in stock yet. I'd like to buy one just for kicks though :P

Wednesday, July 05, 2006



Tuesday, July 04, 2006

To drink of not to drink?

I dont fancy drinking beer, but its a hot noon and i have nothing else to drink(no soft drinks at home, only plain water). Should I pop open it? Or should i keep it?

Saturday, July 01, 2006

CF CF CF CF (CF = Carbon Fibre)

CF craze has begun, and it doesnt stop here. First part to CF the car?(first sucessful attempt at least) This is it :P

UPDATE: Shouldnt have sprayed the gloss coat, it started expanding again -_-