Friday, May 26, 2006

Sayonara my modem...

Yesterday, a crazy lightning struck subang jaya. It was probably one of the loudest I've ever heard. Its so strong it raped my modem and network card, and at the same time the surge passed through my mouse(luckily it was minimal surge, if not i'd be cooked). Apparently, it also killed a kid and hurt 3 others outside at usj16 as reported in today's The Star newspaper. Scary isnt it?

Here's some interior components of my modem that got killed.

My modem is gone, and now replaced by an Aztech DSL600E which costed me rm120.

1 comment:

Leroy said...

u got it for RM120 wtf?
I got mine for RM40 only in a shop in Melaka.
The modem comes with TmNET logo on it. I guess he's a reseller for TM thats why cheap. Btw, its a good modem and can support 4mbps.