Sunday, May 21, 2006

Satisfied Customer...

Yup, my first paying customer. Keke, assembled a pc for her @ RM30 including software installation.

AMD Althon 64 3000+
512mb Kingston DDR400
Winfast Nforce6100 mobo
80gig WD hdd
Icute Casing + PSU(of Proton Quality, if you get what i mean)
FDD drive

Total : RM1800

17" Philips LCD

Total: RM689

Grand Total: RM2519(with installation, and I ran down to KL just to get the components, transport courtesy of my other friend,which later on TT session was on me :P)

Isnt it worth it? XD. Only RM30 and you get a brand new PC with an ORGANIZED interior :P(You'd probably wouldnt bother, but it'll help keep your PC cooler)

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M.A said...

heheh, nice blog... thanks for helping us that day btw! Yeah, Proton quality but it works right? It doesn't break down all of a sudden nor does it have malfunctioning power windows XD