Friday, May 26, 2006

Sayonara my modem...

Yesterday, a crazy lightning struck subang jaya. It was probably one of the loudest I've ever heard. Its so strong it raped my modem and network card, and at the same time the surge passed through my mouse(luckily it was minimal surge, if not i'd be cooked). Apparently, it also killed a kid and hurt 3 others outside at usj16 as reported in today's The Star newspaper. Scary isnt it?

Here's some interior components of my modem that got killed.

My modem is gone, and now replaced by an Aztech DSL600E which costed me rm120.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Satisfied Customer...

Yup, my first paying customer. Keke, assembled a pc for her @ RM30 including software installation.

AMD Althon 64 3000+
512mb Kingston DDR400
Winfast Nforce6100 mobo
80gig WD hdd
Icute Casing + PSU(of Proton Quality, if you get what i mean)
FDD drive

Total : RM1800

17" Philips LCD

Total: RM689

Grand Total: RM2519(with installation, and I ran down to KL just to get the components, transport courtesy of my other friend,which later on TT session was on me :P)

Isnt it worth it? XD. Only RM30 and you get a brand new PC with an ORGANIZED interior :P(You'd probably wouldnt bother, but it'll help keep your PC cooler)

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Bee Hives? In MY Neightbourhood?

I kid you not. Its as hueg as you think it is. Kudos to the fire department coming later tonight to get rid of this hive. HOORA?

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Wii, Dont you want one?

No, its not a typo, it is after all the one and only Nintendo Wii(Nintendo Revolution was the previous name).

So, whats the hype of this Wii? No, apparently its not the console, but rather its controller. The only Wii-Mote as we call it right now.

-Yup, its huge for a controller.

The port at the bottom allows you to connect an analog controller dubbed as a nunchuck or a classic controller.Here's a video on how you are probably going to use the controller for:

The console itself will only be approximately 3dvd boxes in size. Talk about saving space. Also, it will only cost between USD199 to USD250, which is pretty affordable; at least compared to a Xbox360(USD299-USD399) or a PS3(USD499-USD599)

Rumours has it that the Wii will not be using computer generated.

The environments used in Wii games will be completely pre-recorded real-time footage. The power of the Wii can be completely allocated to the player-controlled character or unit and the specific units that the player interacts with, such as other people or enemies in Red Steel." - Speculation by HeedleGlavin @

Its probably the next most innovative console for now. With that kind of price tag, I dont see why you should skip this awesome console.