Thursday, March 09, 2006

Aftermath of the storm

A typhoon-like storm happened at my area around 3.30pm today. Things were randomly falling down as a result of a crazy gust of wind. The power also went out while it happened. Here are some of the aftermath of the storm.

Where did that brick come from? :o

Broken roof tiles...

leaves and scraps of old paintjobs from the wall outside.

The already broken antenna dropped again and this time
shattering it into pieces.

Outside my house during the storm. Pots breaking and plants
snapping apart.

Unsalvagable pot. 3/4 of the pot broke.

First tree outside my house. Branch snapped and fell slightly
close to the main road.

2nd tree slightly further away from my house. This one
fell directly on the main road.

And the finishing move of the storm....

Huge tree just fell outside a person's house blocking the whole

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Kicking the Bucket!

Sigh, what a day for my hard disk to commit suicide. It was 2.10pm today when I wanted to play Warcraft3. All the sudden "Device cannot be read due to an I/O error. Please try again". ZOMGWTFBBQ? Yup, all my important memories(photos that were taken in 2004/2005 of ex-Alpharians) and not forgetting my Final Fantasy 7 : Advent Children Limited Edition DVD Rip.

Cloud dies....i mean....HDD dies

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